Recreation of a band of brothers scene.

Masterfgh edited this piece of trash motherfucker.

Huge motherfucker:

Criticism and comments are welcome.

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Always wanted to do that in gmod.


grove street

Damn straight.

private james mcavoy in source please

me thinks you should scale the image down for easier viewing, there’s no point to having it this large when it’s a video game-photoshop hybrid picture anyway unless you texture everything and want to show it off

lovely still



10569, now that you mention…why does the German have baby power in his vest? Must be packed in their to help when he gets a rash.

Oh hey you’re back. That’s cool, nitpicking can be useful. And yeah the fog is really all fucked up. Maybe it’s supposed to be smoke coming from something off-screen?

I really missed these

Wow thanks dude. Yeah the German soldier has a bad posture due to model phys limitations and damn, i forgot to finger pose him. And i actually tried to pose the paratrooper like this

i agree with the errors you spotted though. Again thanks a lot for the nit picking as i almost never get criticism in my threads.

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Baby power?

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Not even a vest mate, it’s webbing.