Recreation of a combat system similar to ACF

Hello! I’m Aleks! I’ve started wandering the forums recently, and over the last couple of days, I’ve been interested in making a combat system similar to ACF.

As of yet, I haven’t heard of any programmers/modders who take the same interest, so I’ll take the liberties to base some initial concepts in this thread.

1. Ballistics Calculations
Now, this one is a pretty obvious addition, so, I won’t go too in depth into it, but, basically, just inputting several variables like weight of the projectile (Based on the length of the round, and the amount of propellant, etc) to calculate things like external and terminal ballistics.

Now, terminal ballistics is more complicated than external, so, I’ll leave proper details of that out until I possibly get EA to begin developing these things in game.

But, external ballistics should be relatively easy to implement, just plug in a few variables, and it spits out a velocity, badabing badaboom.

2. Engines and shit
Okay, so, if you’ve done more than fuck around with the 200mm howitzer, you probably are aware of the engines and propulsion system with ACF. Basically, I wanna add that too. Yea.

3. Built in things for turning wheels
Okay, also, if you’ve used ACF for building vehicle that turn with the wheels instead of using differential torque, then you know how fucky it was to build that shit, so, I wanna make it built-in to the mod, and, if someone makes a wire-mod type thing, I wanna make it interactable with whatever pod-controller type thing that they make.

4. Aviation stuff
If you’ve tried fucking around with aviation with ACF, you know it’s a pain in the ass. So I wanna make it not a pain in the ass. Basically, I just wanna make someone be able to have a type of engine that spins a rotor type thing, and you can have propellers on top, and have the propellers be customizable like how they are in ‘Simple Planes’.

5. Detection systems
Basically, radar and other electronic warfare things. And system for how to implement them with vehicles, like flares and how they interact with projectiles and stuff.

If anyone has any ideas how these could be done in detail, or, has more ideas for stuff to add, feel free to say them below.


Before I start jabbering, I should say that I had to Google ACF+Gmod to find out what it was so my response might be useless / unwanted.
I’m a fan of vehicle sandbox games (like Stormworks for example) and milsims so this seems pretty cool to me.
Even somewhat realistic or immersive vehiclar combat in a gamemode where you can “build your own tank” sounds really cool, however, I can only imagine how difficult it will be to get the physics “feeling” right for any kind of aerial vehicle (if you want it to be any bit realistic / not overly arcade-y feeling).
Not to hijack the topic but with the above being said, I’d also be really impressed if anyone was able to create realistic movement and ballistics for small arms combat.
It could really improve the feeling and immersion of any gamemode that has PvP or survival aspects.
Even someone creating something that makes ground vehicles feel “grounded” in reality seems cool to me.

Yeah I agree. Might be good to create an open source project for a more advanced weapon system than what will be included in Sbox(which I guess will be quite simple). I’ll make a new thread.

I would love to work on this! Using classes and such from C# Would make a wonder to make! Might even be possible to have a whole GUI For construction engines and such when creating that addon!

I would love if the vehicle stuff was separate from the guns. It would be nice to use the realistic vehicle components for racing gamemodes without having to also include all the fancy ballistics and weapons.


I completely agree.

I absolutely agree. There will be a need for vehicles so an open source vehicle base would be very nice to have.

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