Recreation of the Gman virus

It seems that people already have discussed about the Gman virus on this forum already, so I will just go right straight to the point, so I made a recreation of the Gman virus in Lua, so my question is, is it accurate enough? maybe I should try and recreate the same virus on Gmod 10 (the version that people used back in 2009, correct me if I’m wrong)?

The Gman Virus (and Recreation of it)

Here’s the video where I show the recreation of the Gman virus, if you already know what this virus is, just go to 2:03.

The reason why I made a recreation is because, well, there’s no footage of it, and I wanted to make a recreation so people can have an idea of what this virus would have looked visually.

If it’s not accurate enough, please provide more info about it to make it accurate, maybe I should try and show an accurate clone of the shock website instead of just a blank website, the only difference is that it’s gonna be censored of course, but the problem is, I’m not sure if it’s gonna work the same way on the Steam browser.

And by the way, if you don’t know what the Gman virus is, you can check out my video, I will appreciate it if you do.

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i like when it starts to shout
“hey everybody! im looking at gay porno!”

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