Recruiting 3 people for new group

My friends and I need more people in our group, We are all good shots and looking for more good shots to join. (Already have 5 people, looking for 3 more)
requirements to join would be as followed

  1. Have to be well experienced.
  2. Be at least 15

Answer the questions in the comments below as followed.

  1. Do you have Skype
  2. Do you prefer Building or Pvping
  3. Recent Clans?
  4. Do you have team speak.
  5. How long have you been playing rust
    We will only have 3 slots for people to join because we don’t want a huge team just around 6-10 people and might recruit in the future.
    (We will not be gearing you up, We will help you with stuff but not going to baby sit you.)

4.yes(mic has a little static,perfer skype)
5.a week

  1. yes
  2. both but i have good aim
  3. Doa nothing special
  4. yes i do
    5 . 2-3 weeks