RECRUITING ALL RUST PLAYERS! - [NWO] New World Order Clan - All Regions, All Ages, English Speakers Only - 10 Members Australia, 2 US, 2 Saudi Arabia, 2 China

We are excited to announce the launch of the New World Order Gaming Clan/Community.

If you live in Australia, Asia, Europe or even the US, we can set you up into a group to play RUST with people that have similar play times all on the same server.

Right now, we have many members from Australia and plan to begin our first play hour today at 4pm~11pm Beijing Time. (I live in Beijing lol, with all 10 other members from Australia :D)

The New World Order clan is not like every other clan, since the New World Order doesn’t have a traditional clan website, it just has a normal looking website without any registering or login system, except on the forums.

Our aim was to focus on simplicity and ease of access, as well as a creation of a community of gamers that can become familiar with every member involved in the community.

When you apply for The New World Order you will be accepted or denied according to several factors mentioned on the application page. Then you will immediately be added to a group based on the country you are living in and the game you are interested in.

For now we only support the game RUST, but in the future we plan to add more games, like Titanfall XD.

Once you are added to a group, I will personally add you on steam and tell you all about who is in your group and who the leader of the group is.

The leader of the group just takes responsibilities in organizing the group, like setting up a Skype call or making sure everyone on the team has everyone else on steam so that they can play with each other.

You can check all of the groups and members on the members page, interact and suggest updates to the website and clan on the forums and much much more.

As of now, the website is in its Alpha stage, just like the game :wink: so bare with me if there are pages still under construction.

As of now, the home page, application and members page all are functional so that recruitment into groups to play RUST is easy and seamless.

We want to get to know each member and be able to have good friendly connections so that the clan is more of a community of friends, rather than a community of just members.

For now we support the game RUST, and when each member of the clan plays RUST, we all play on the same sever, but each group having a different house and alliance.

We usually play on a US West server. No worries, Australia, China, Japan, Europe players all have ping from 50~250, which seems bad for a CoD game, but is absolutely seamless in the game RUST, even during time of engagement with bandits ;).

However, depending on the region you are from we might assign multiple groups to the same house so that when players from Australia go to sleep, players from the US can now be responsible for the house.

After you apply, please add me on Skype at wapigeon, then I will contact you in organizing you into a group as well as the next scheduled play time for the group. I will also give you the steam names for each member of your group so you can start playing when you are ready as well as the server IP that we play on.

As of now, we don’t have an official clan RUST server, but we plan to have one in the future, as well as a domain for the website, which will be added shortly.

We accept ALL RUST players of ANY AGE from the Regions like Australia, Asia, Middle East, US, Europe.
Players must speak ENGLISH FLUENTLY and must be MATURE, which is determined by the answer you provide in your application.

For my group, which is called the Alpha RUST group, we usually play from 4pm ~ 11pm Beijing Time on Weekdays - with various times during the weekend.

We have groups from Alpha all the way to Delta, which are all recruiting members and are looking for leaders.

So please visit the Alpha version of the website we created for the clan/gaming community here:

If you want to go ahead and APPLY for the New World Order clan/gaming community, click the link here:

If you want to see the members in your group or the clan click here:

If you want to register so that you are recognized on the forums of the website, click here:

If you would like to contact the me, please add me at:
Skype: wapigeon
Steam: wapigeon

We hope to make this into a very large and very friendly community of RUST players! (more games coming in the future)

If you want to be an editor of the clan website, please contact me on Skype. (wapigeon)

For the New World Order!

Happy happy rusting time!!! :wink:


[NOTE: Bare with me if I cannot contact you right away. I am currently a student and will try to contact you all as soon as I am free, which should be that hard.]

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The application form is currently having problems. You can post it here for now.

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The form is now fixed!