Recruiting for a small group of friends.

Hey im Henk, im from the Netherlands Amsterdam, my native language is english and im 18 years old, ive got 203 ingame hours on rust and if there are any people that are looking for a small team they can add me on skype: redsaw66 or steam: redsaw66

please note that i will not be teaming with anyone below the age of 17


I’ll add you. I am always looking for more friends. :slight_smile:

Me and my Brother are looking for some people to play with, He’s 19, and I’m 22, both fairly new to the game, but happy to learn.

When do you usually play?

Post what time you normally play I’m always looking for a little team to cause chaos.

I have a mic but havent yet tested it on rust

I’m from argentina, my native language is spanish but i have been studying english since I was born.

So if you want to consider me my steam ID: Dr. Doge.

I’ll team up with you, I’m 21 and always looking for friends to play

Hey guys, I play with him, so if you want you can add me as well. :slight_smile: I only have 185 hours though! D:

We have a team of about 8 people right now. 4 from australia , 3 from china and 1 from Saudi Arabia - all are fluent in english and are 18 or over. If you are still interested, please add me at steam: wapigeon and skype: wapigeon - Thanks :smiley:

Thought you said you didn’t have time for clans…