Recruiting friends to play Rust

I am looking for a few friends to play Rust with. I tend to usually stop talking to a lot of the friends I do make because they just don’t have enough in common with me and I don’t feel like there’s a strong friendship relationship which is what I want. To be really honest I don’t have any friends in real life because I like to spend all of my time online and I don’t like to go outside.

I love to play games, what can I say? Do what makes you happy is what I always say. I go by those words.

If you’re interested in playing Rust with someone who you might really get along with, send me a message. I think we could probably be good friends. Rust is not the only game I play, I’m a huge fan of almost any open world game. In fact the one I’m really looking forward to is Watch Dogs. I’ll still play Rust once that game comes out but not anywhere near as much.

I do love Rust though and I do have my own server for it. It’s been freshly wiped actually just a minute ago. It’s a vanilla server except for a couple administration mods to help me out for the administration. I don’t abuse my powers because it totally takes every bit of fun the game has away and that’s no fun. I have set a starter kit for new players and an admin kit. No moderator kits or VIP. No decay.

Let me know in a message if you’re interested in playing with me and if you’d like to play on my server. Right now I don’t have any players really. So if you’d like to come join me and get to know me (Possibly become friends) add me on Steam.