Recruiting Lua Scripts For [G-S] DarkRP

Hello, I currntly own a DarkRP Server that seems to be popular but not much updates get done there as i’m busy with my GCSEs alot. So i was hoping if anybody would like to help support my server.

If you wish to help me and my server with lua please write down in the post your steam name.
I’m not willing to pay as i don’t have a job yet but i will give the person admin if they do wish to help me.

Thanks The [G-S].Tm

Information: <- [G-S] Website
Gizmoandsmudge <- Owners steam name

What looks blue and is above this in the thread list. A link to the requests section.

Admin as payment, free, underaged, busy anyway, DarkRP, free, underaged, free, No.

If you’re paying people, put it in the Lua Scripting Hirement Thread

I don’t remember saying i’m paying. I said i am unable to pay.

I don’t remember saying you were either, I was suggesting if you wanted anybody to even suggest responding and if you change your mind; You can repost there.

Good luck, most people will not code for free. Also, most coders hate DarkRP…

What do you need done?

What qualifications does my Lua script require to apply?

Being able to do derma and able to code gamemodes

Could you been anymore vague?

Aside from “can code lau”