Recruiting modellers [voluntary]

Hey, I am Pac0master, the lead dev behind a Free mod for Portal 2 named: Abyss.
I am working on the creation of a team to work more efficiently on the mod.
Unfortunately, we do not have any budget which make it hard to find anyone willing to help us out.
Hopefully some people here would like to join.

We are looking for modellers that have a few hours of free time every weeks who would like to help creating custom assets.

  • Simple props such as crates, barrels, pipes, etc
  • Detailed props such as a Tram or a train wagon, etc
  • Animated props such as the Portal gun or doors


  • having some experience in one of the task above
  • Being able to create your own texture for the model
  • having some free time.

If you are interested, please fill this form

You can always PM me for more information or ask question in the thread.