Before reading this thread. Please do not troll or place any unnecessary comments.

This current Role Play is under construction and has been for a while, due to lack of
members to the current coding process and laziness of coders, i and my fellow coder will
be looking for some help. We are looking for Professional coders that can code talking
models in the Role Play world, Coding banks and inventories etc. Even if you code in
a Particular area, you may be help to the game mode. Why should you help me…? Well, of
course the payments can be made for the server, we have a few donators ready for the servers
payment and money from my own pocket. Of course you’ll get the extra like “Super Admin” or “admin”,
but this can vary depending on your involvement in the server.

What extra bonuses do this server have compared to others? Where do i get started? Of course there will be
a map privately made for the server by me. A few custom jobs which can be discussed between the coders
and what should be right for the server. Thinking along the lines of Black market dealer, Fish monger that can
actually fish food from the sea and becomes enabled to increasing your stamina level, and a taxi driver (but
the car must be bought, and not supplied with the class). The server will be running on my custom map :
RP_Opencity. I’m hoping to name the server with my coders so they get a say in a cool uber name, but
I’m already thinking along the names of Revolution Role-Play. Suggestions are always welcome in the
thread, but please do not troll. Server slot will start out maybe at 32 slot, after the game mode develops and
players join, the server will be increased in slots.

Covered areas -

       *Store menu and codes.

Please get in contact with myself (email and MSN) -