[Recruitment] 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit! Tactical Realism Unit...

Hello everyone. I’m going to post the recruitment message up for the 24th MEU here (it’s pretty standard) but wanted to mention a couple things first. Take the time to read through this entire post to get fully informed before you proceed. This will make both you, and myself a LOT happier.

Now, we currently do not “support” this game. But we are constantly looking to expand. Which means, that we are always in search of good games that will benefit our unit and our members. This game has been quite beneficial for us thus far and quite enjoyable. So I foresee this joining our ranks soon (once a tad stable on the server side).

When the game appears on our application page, this will be fully supported and rostered in one of our companies. Until then, we ask that if people are interested in joining and wanting to play with us, to join our TeamSpeak and show themselves to be trusted public players. As soon as it hits the application page, those guys will want to submit an application and become a full member. Public players who are trusted that do not wish to join, are also encouraged to continue gaming with us as public players. Nothing wrong with that.

I’ll also note that we are a GLOBAL unit. We have members from all over the world. This is not just a US based unit. Our end goal would be to have sufficient membership on all hours of the day to give you an opportunity to play with people all the time.

Anyway here is our message and come join us in playing!


24th MEU History - A note from Capt. J. Shields:

Welcome to the 24th Marine Expeditionary recruit depot! I am the MEU Commander, Captain John Shields. If you’ve come to join the best (and most fun) tactical realism unit on the web, you’ve come to the right place. The 24th MEU began in 2005 with Battlefield 2 and has expanded with numerous titles, with a high level of activity. You might be asking, who the hell is this John Shields guy and why would I follow him into battle? Visit the following link for a brief BIO of me. I’ve edited it out of the recruitment message here to cut down on the wall of text.

Recruitment Standards

It is the goal of this unit to provide our membership with a fun environment in which friendships can be forged. To do this it will be necessary to have certain recruitment restrictions in place. The following are requirements of membership:

  1. You must be active in the community here, on TeamSpeak, and on our private website.
  2. You must be at LEAST 18 years of age.
  3. You must be a mature member of this community and ours and follow all established rules.

Now… there’s one last thing worth noting and that’s FUN. This is after all a game. This isn’t real life, though with each added member they bring their own traits to the pile and we experience who they are and what they’re about. We pick up on some of their pro’s and sometimes it helps to improve each of us as individuals. But without fun then this is a chore. You’ll soon find yourself burned out and doing only the bare minimum to get by. Entertainment is the key to surviving any game. We want you to have fun here above all else.

At the same time we know that true life comes first. We will never expect you to throw down what you’re doing in real life and be here. It’s unfair and does damage you wont see for many years. I learned my lesson from past experiences that I needed to balance my own life and fun to really enjoy these games and organizations I was a part of. I noticed right off the bat that some demanded more than others and that I ultimately got tired of those places. I want each and every member here to WANT to be here. I want you to feel the desire to put forth the extra effort when you can, and contribute to this team.

Now if that sounds like you, and I apologize that it’s so lengthy. Then by all means make the leap to enlist. If you should have any questions do NOT hesitate to ask prior to joining up. I want each and every applicant to make informed decision and that starts with knowing the answers to your many questions.

Recruitment Steps

The first step to enlistment is to register on the 24th MEU website (www.24thmeu.com). I ask that everyone wanting to join register with their in-game names. We here at the MEU utilize a realistic naming system. All members are First Initial, Last Name. Please note that this does not have to be your real name. For example:

J. Shields

Next, navigate to our Recruitment page and fill out the short 1 minute application. Send it off and you should receive a confirmation. Then you need only wait for a response from one of the Recruitment Officers. Feel free to post into this thread to let us know that you submitted an application to speed up the process. We recommend that during the process ALL applicants join our TeamSpeak 3 server to get to know everyone. That information will be provided below.

Teamspeak Information

Greetings Marines. Headquarters has authorized the release of the access codes to the 24th MEU’s Communications. Please contact them by the following:

  1. Download the client. You have two choices, either the 32 bit (XP), or 64 bit (Vista/7). Here is the download link (be concerned with ONLY the two top choices… either 32 or 64 bit):


  1. Install the downloaded .exe after agreeing to the user agreement.

  2. Load up TeamSpeak and you’ll be asked for information (this is for how you’ll talk and the volume levels). After you complete that set up, you need to click “Connections” at the top left.

  3. The next popup window will ask for the server information and your username. It should be as follows:

Address: ts11.gameservers.com:9134
Nickname: (Your Rank/Abbreviation and Name. Applicants use First Initial. Last Name ie J. Shields)
Password: 24thmeu

Make sure you use the exact password above with the exact capitalization.

  1. Once connected (by hitting “Connect”) you NEED to click on the small green eyeball icon at the top in order to view all of the TeamSpeak channel users. Each channel will have a small icon next to them with a blue/white check (so that you know you’ve done it correctly).

  2. You’re done. You can mess around with the sound settings to use Push to Talk or Voice Activation and set the volume levels. The rest is for the Admins to take care (they can be identified with an “S” next to their name) So speak to them if you have any problems.

Look forward to seeing you all over there!


If you minimize TeamSpeak, it will show up on your taskbar by your clock as a small circle. Double click to bring it back to the front. So don’t worry, it didn’t disappear!

So you’re advertising ur gaming community?

Rust General Chat is for posting recruitment/looking for posts, says it in the title :>

A recruitment message… yes. Since there’s no Rust sub-forum for recruitment… I figured I’d create a thread.


I did not want to read that whole page of text, was it about recruitment for a Rust group or for your gaming community

I’ve heard of and appreciated serious videogame groups like Shacktac but this is just goddamn silly

It is for a unit that plays Rust. Take a look at the first part if you don’t want to read the whole thing. I know it’s a lot.

We’re a casual group though. Don’t think because of the text we’re too serious. We’re just looking for specific mature people.

ITT: A “semi-serious” ARMA clan makes a recruitment thread for rust.

so basically shacktac but not nearly as serious

The only way I’d think about joining is if there is a lot of dicking around involved.

**Tactical **Realism Unit…

Oh my god I had the misfortune of playing ArmA with you guys, your leadership is fucking terrible and I absolutely hated every moment of it. Besides the times when the lower guys were fucking with your retarded higher-ups every session was boring as shit and retarded; but maybe the single thing that made up for it was that one time we got one of your stupid 40 year-old tryhard pilots to crash a V22 with the entire platoon in it because we kept making sounds and annoying him. It was great.
Then he was made the CO of the pilots.

fucking fucking retarded shit retarded stupid

though that sounds fun I should join and RDM “higher ups”

That’s not us. There is another ArmA 24th MEU that started long after we did. We’ve been around since 2005. Those guys use a .us web address. We’re the .com group. We don’t have pilots in their own section of the MEU.

As for Shacktak or whatever is mentioned, can’t tell you. But real life comes first. The only thing we are strict on is naming (we have realistic names), and LOA’s when you’ll be gone. We don’t salute, do drill formations, or the things you’d find in a hardcore realism group. :wink:

Wow shit you’re right. Oh well, sorry mate.

is this a joke or it’s for real?

No worries. You’re not the first to confuse us. I’ve approached them about it… but I’ve not pursued anything like asking that they change their name. There will always be someone with the name. I did get threatened by them with a lawsuit because they thought I stole their logo. That I cleared up by showing that it’s an official military logo.

What happened to 23th and before MEUs? Killed in action?

Ha. The Marines utilize a small number of MEU’s. ie. 15th, 24th… Not sure why there’s gaps to be honest. I deployed with/in the 24th in 2002-2003. Fun times in Iraq. O.o

So you got out as rank E-3 according to your bio?