Recuiting members for TEAM RP !


We are looking for members to join our team.
We would like to prefer :

« +18
« Enough English to cooparate or chat
« Respect the team rules and be caring for the team
« Behaving Mature

We are almost 6 people on team but we still want more friend to play with us !
Mostly we are looking for people who is not getting bored of gathering resources, and fine shooters.
There is +250 Hours of time limit but we can talk if u have less.
Add me on steam (Its my new id, got more then 600 hours on me totally)

I have 258 hrs, but Im 17… if that’s a prob. Also, I tend to goof off, but I play seriously most of the time. I just cant be on all day everyday, cus I have a life ya know? :3

add me mate, we can talk further

Why do you have 600 hours total yet your account had 65 hours, did you get vac banned? dont want to play with cheaters.

You are correct. Some fancy googling led me to this Steam profile with a VAC ban from 9 days ago. And look at that! Deathriell is one of the person’s old names! And quite a few hours on Rust as well!
AND the same profile picture!
AND he’s friends with many people in that -=RP=- clan, the same people as the Steam profile he gave us in the OP!

**Don’t play with this guy, he is a cheater!

**Also it’s funny that he spelled cooperate wrong:

Good detective work, and to think I was going to apply…