Recurring Engine Error

I was recently gifted Garry’s Mod about a few weeks ago, and an error continues to show up after I use two of the included maps on single player, and, about most of the time, pop up on multiplayer.

The error states, and I quote:
“Steam DLL isn’t worthy of our trust on line 76561198017707464”

How do I stop this exactly?

Try re-installing steam.
If that dosen’t work, you may have been gifted a pirated copy of gmod.

You probably pirated something (Seeing as how some people got the anti-pirate error even though they pirated something other than Garry’s Mod).

And you might want to make that Steam button go to the right url.

Well… I’m not sure if it counts as piracy, but I did download some models and weapons from “” I’m not sure if that might be a factor?

No. Can you please post a comment on your steam profile with your FP username. Just for verification purposes :v:.

Alright. Just type my username on my profile?

Yep, that’s fine.

Have you ever used a crack or patch on any games that use Steam? That can also cause the issue.

No, I don’t use cracks on my Steam games, and the patches I download are the ones Steam uses to update my games…