Recurring texture issue on my G36KV

Hi, all. Long time lurker here who has been reading this sub-forum for nearly a year now and loving it. Some of you people here inspire me to continue trying to port stuff to Garry’s Mod in particular.

I noticed that a lot of porting issues get addressed here, so I thought I would post here accordingly. Apologies if I’m in the wrong forum.

I’ve had a problem with a particular weapon prop I ported a while back that can never get its textures right. I’ve re-ported and re-compiled this prop on two prior occasions with the same result. This has bugged me for about a year now and I could never figure out what went wrong with it.

It’s a Heckler & Koch G36KV rifle.

How it should look:

How it ends up every damn time:

As you can see there aren’t many materials or articulations for me to screw up.

I’ve fixed a few issues with the prop before but this one is especially perplexing (keep in mind I’m relatively new to porting, so it’s possible I keep making the same error).

Here’s my qc file:

$cd “c:\users\winterboer\desktop\g36”
$modelname “Heckler/heckler.mdl”
$model “studio” “g36.smd”
$cdmaterials “addons\heckler\materials”
$hboxset “default”
// Model uses material “Heckler_Diffuse.vmt”
$surfaceprop “model”
$illumposition 1.976 -1.162 -1.269
$sequence idle “g36” loop fps 15
$collisionmodel “g36.smd” {

$mass 8.0
$inertia 1.00
$damping 0.00
$rotdamping 0.00

And here’s the mediafire link for the packed prop in the form of an add-on. It’s just one prop, so the add-on’s pretty small.

Any red flags stand out? Any suggestions that would help me fix this problem? I could really use a second set of eyes here.

It’s already looking for the VMTs in your addon’s material folder so you can just set that to $cdmaterials “”