Recycling Kit [IDEA]

Much like a research kit, You drag it over an item and it Reverse engineers it. Example Drag it over a M4 you get 25 Low quality metal. Item is a 1 time item, like the research kit.

That’s a cool idea, I really like that idea, though I would think it better to be infinite use, but return only up to three quarters of the material needed to make it.

This is an idea I was thinking about a while ago when our group of 2 had acquired a large number of pistols we really didn’t need and at a time when doors would have been far more useful. Maybe even allow us to melt them back to scrap in a furnace using low grade fuel instead of wood, most likely loosing a % of the base resource.

an obvious must have.

They already have a recycling box in the game but current you can get them and they only did the same thing as a research kit.

Hate to say this, but that wiki is way too outdated.
Recycling boxes existed when the game had weapon parts in it =P