"Red 3 is hit!" - VTOLS low over the jungle



I’m not happy with this for the following reasons:
Shitty Source trees are a bitch to isolate, so the line between the sky and the trees looks crap.
The top level of trees look really weird and devoid of lighting because of the motion blur.
The smoke isn’t as good as I would like it to be.

Fear the wrath of the “bad reading” rating if you mention any of those points while failing to offer a means of improving said point(s).

Original (feel free to edit): http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/8179/gmflatgrass20080004.jpg

Indeed, the line between the sky and the trees looks horrible, but it’s a good picture with a good quality also, way better than anything i could make.

It’s not as bad as you want it to, way better than a lot of people can do. :smiley:

Sorry Chesty, but it seems to me that your screenies have been declining in quality since the MNU release pic. I know that took a lot of time, but how about instead of posting numerous mediocre pics in a short time, you take the time to show your full talent?

I am too busy bumming off these models to take my time. I’M JUST SO FULL OF ENERGY BAYBEH!

In all seriousness though, I know this one and Breen one sucks, but I wouldn’t call the previous VTOL picture or the tank picture “mediocre”.

Point taken though; I will wait for some proper inspiration and a time when I am less pressured by college work to make a new picture.

Background eraser

What a great comment. I should rate you useful because there’s nothing more useful than someone stating a tool from an editing program I don’t own.

Don’t get your knickers in a twist.

3 props, 3 ragdolls, and some minor editing can get you so far, i like it

I like it, but it’s not amazing.

It doesn’t really look like they are moving, but that is mainly because of the trees. :confused:

Thanks for the comments guys. This is actually the same scene-build as the one from my tank picture, so there’s actually hundreds of props.

Gimp users for the win… no relevance just had to say it. (artsy for yee)

i’m taking up your offer and editing it. got mah bob Marley songs playin’ so something’ll come natural (joke hurr hurr)

I KNEW IT! I knew for some reason this was the same scene with just the title :confused:
You sneaky scenebuilder.
Yeah at least you could’ve put some motion blur or something.

I finished it


media’d and de-landing geared :v:


Dubeard, I would say that’s a minor thread jacking you have just done.



Why are they flying with the landing gear down?

That’s how they roll.

cuz’ they are that fucking awesome, fuck you FAA they say.

(and quite honestly i didn’t see that when i started :xd:)