Red Alert 3 Girls

Can someone make ragdolls of the RA3 girls?





Keep your hands above your desk XD

You sir, have re-ignited my hatred of EA Games for destroying the once amazing game that was Red Alert.

Red Alert 3 Sluts

Thanks for the helpful replies. :S

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You know what, I hate EA too, but that’s not the point. The thing is that you can’t even hope someone will take up your request if it’s not about sex.

So are there any cutscene models? Otherwise I doubt anyone would be remodelling them from scratch.

For the record the worst one was pornstar Tanya :~

Yeah there were no cut scene models since they were all live action cut scenes and I highly doubt anyone will make them from scratch

The plot of Red Alert 3:
An alternate reality allows for every woman you meet to have had their cup size increased ten fold.

Damn… you may have a point there.

these girls are ugly and fake looking O_O just saying, how about we get a normal looking girl and make the costumes, those girls reminds me of some amazon women that eat bones and crush skulls with their thighs

Well, you’re right. And that would be a lot easier too.

Shit I just realised that I wrote thay instead of that xD

Anyway I’ll look for suitable models.

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maybe this one would be good for Dasha
and one of the Samus models for Eva

OP is missing Natasha

its a man im sure of it with those manly hands

OP is missing Slut #5

aka Natasha

not really. you must be physically small if you think these women look amazonian. gina carano is the only one that looks above 110lbs.

guess its just their abnormal chest size that makes the girls look so huge and monster like

So, is anyone willing to do this?

gmod will explode if this happens