Red Alert 3 - Soviet Apocalypse Tank

Made by me, colored by L337 and Smash

Cannons work, front grinder works, fully functional. Except for magnetic beam.

That, my friend, is completely awesome.

I’ve always loved the C&C series. The way you constructed that looks great.

Haha that’s brilliant! one of the turret garbage cans is a bit off though

Yeah, dup ended up raping it slightly so that’s how that happened. Was awesome to use this and smash through your forceweld buildings and seeing how much damage it could take before the forcewelded version would break. This gives me a massive nerd boner. I mean that in the sense of my mind obviously.

nerd bonerrrrr

Dupe plzkthnx

nerd bonerrr

Oh god! What have you done?! What have I done?! Oh shiiii-

Quickly use your nerd rage powers to get put of here.

Nice tank BTW i was gonna get RA3 but i haven’t yet so i dunno what the real one looks like. But who cares it looks good anyway.

k hav fun

nerd bonerrr

Need moar tank.

how much moar tank do you need

nerd boner in the houce

nerd boner in your mom

More like tnak ofc.
I liek.

No. More tank; the body doesn’t look like the original design, let alone a tank. The turret is okay but the trashcans might need sum o dat matz yo. And like use PHX props instead of gravestones and stuff for skirt guards.

sat these guys only use half life 2 props

no custom props


Then use doors. Or something that will suffice. Either way, make it look more like the real deal. And don’t misinterpret - it does look good. Moar tnake tho.

bitch did you just tell me to use flat 2x1 metal panels for a skirt

oh no you didn’t