RED and BLU get some backup

So I have these neat Driver ragdolls, but I don’t like using them as drivers with those vehicles.
And then I thought that they have no face shown, and they pretty much look like some sort of soldier,
then I decided to use them as less-skilled members of the team, aiding some specific, more skilled class.

BLU spy succesfully saps engineer’s buildings while his assistant strangles the engineer himself with invisible wire-thing.

Engineer gets some guarding help, and thus that pyro can go suicide M1+Wing in the front line.

Demoman leads two of his assistants to the enemy base.

Comments, tips and so on welcome.
Also, not a slinght bit of shopping this time.

Why do they all wear helmets?

That way, they can all look the same without anyone telling the difference!

Needs more depth of field and blur.

Who’s been steelin cookies from the Jarate jar?