Red Beret Soldiers

Hello, I am looking for some soldiers which, preferably, have red berets although is not required.

I have looked around and I cannot find any modern style soldiers that are rigged for use as player models on Garry’s Mod.

Wiki page about the red berets, has a list of the military units that use them -

Here are some images to get an idea of what I am looking for: [/thumb] [thumb] [/thumb] [thumb]

Once again, the red beret is not essential, any modern style soldiers would be amazing however, the red beret would be nice!


My apologies if this is the wrong section/thread.

There is a red beret in this pack and soldiers for you to put berets on.

You’d be better off getting someone to hack a beret onto the K&L soldier guys that were used to make these.

Vietnam Era US Soldiers

They are perfect, although, I need to get a red beret on them now.

Check out the Black Mesa Source content. There’s a beret-wearing soldier with lots of bodygroups and a separate model for the beret itself. The models are very high quality.

The soldiers Rusty posted are more suitable for my needs.

Shall I create a thread asking for someone to hack the red beret onto them models or do I hope they look here?

Try posting in the models request thread and see what happens.

Good luck with your project!

Just realized the models Rusty linked are not even player models, I guess that means getting someone to re-rig them.