Red Button Labs - Serious Roleplay

Red Button Labs - Serious Roleplay (PHX+WIRE+JOBS+TOOLS)

Join RBL. we have great fun on the server with a team full of fun admins, mods and trusted players. we run the map rp_evocity_v2d our mapper is currently making us a new map more awesomer than the current one.

Join now and have FUN!

Agreed this server has everything you would want for rp and/or build. Highly recommended…

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Red Button Labs.

Looks nice, joining now.

Just another DarkDM.


Do you comment on every post and act like a 5 year old? Seriously. If you don’t have a good opinon, shut the fuck up and get out.

Uhh, its true though. All of these servers that are supposedly “srsbsns” are all DM-fests.

well, you can give some suggestions.

If you want a serious RP, dont add PHX, Custom job, Drugs, Guns, DarkRP, Toolgun and Physguns.

Id suggest that.

As noted above, never add shit like Wire, PHX, etc.

I think the point of games overall is to have fun though… Aaaaaaand I dont think that idea falls into the requirements for fun.

Well, define serious RP for me then.

create a shop as a class and start selling things. cps arrest people for speeding and create toll booths and create random acts of science < last one is red button labs motto

I don’t understand, it’s a english server (England). It still lags 300 ping for me? My internet ain’t that fucked :stuck_out_tongue:

Pssssst. That flag isnt british,

Not being a retard running around going ‘HURR DUDURRRR IM GONNA PEW PEW U’

FUCK IM A GOD DAMN RETARD (Swearing in a hour)
Ohh god I’m stupid…

Load of bs mate. Yes, based on DarkRP, but it isn’t a death match.

Majority of the time if a deathmatch breaks out an admin or a moderator is on on top if it before it turns into a blood bath.

Most of the seasoned players are good RP’ers and are easy to get along with.

I was a medic on there and I got kidnapped because I was the only medic, good fun :slight_smile:


Thats because the server is based in Australia, not United Kingdom. I’ll have a yarn to someone and get them to look into it.

Even if the DM-ing gets handles, its still no where near serious.

Just got banned from this gay server for 10 days for getting in a police car.

Instead of banning the assface who broke NLR and RDM’d, I get banned for pressing E.

That Aiden guy is an incompetent douche.

Enjoy your ban you cop car stealing fuckhead


Get out.