Red cleaners (Short comic)

May continue with the comic after I’m done with my exams and all that rubbish.

That was awesome!
I vote you could do more :slight_smile:

The dialogues a bit cheesy and awkward, and the posing and angling’s a bit wonky. But pretty good effort.

i can say its better than your last comics

my job is done here!!

One thing I might recommend is using the actual Russian language text.

The posing is pretty off at times and the speech bubbles look very choppy, but it’s definitely interesting.

those dudes are chinese

Might I add, one of them is also saying “Mother Fucker!”

Why isn’t he looking down the scope? I’d say that’s a fairly crucial element to firing a rifle. :v:

360 noscope

Oh, my apologizes, I didn’t see.