Red Dawn

I tried my best. Not my best pose, mainly because the soldier ragdolls were too hard to pose.

all of them are way too empty

Soviet Invasion for the win.

meh. but the 3rd one, not so much :3

Poll: Which one is the best

Answer: None

Alright, alright, I’ll be constructive instead of cracking jokes. Okay, first off, the images are way to lacking. If this is supposed to be a war, then I’m not buying it. There’s only a few soldiers and the fighting is tame. Try adding more stuff going on to provide the player with more to look at then just this generic, empty city.

Also, post-processing is your friend. You only need it on when taking a picture, and don’t use it to much or it will obscure what your looking at, but if done right it can be really beautiful.

And lets not forget image editors like Photoshop or Gimp if you have a lack of funds. Look at some tutorials for those to get some really fine looking shots.

Also the posing could use alot of work. I can’t really help you there though.

And one final thing. NEVER use ingame effects like blood, fire, and muzzleflashes. Always add those in an image editor that is not MSPaint.

OP, disregard what this schmuck has to say if he tells you to “NEVER” use ingame effects. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. is where you can find a multitude of touched up “special effects” for fire, muzzleflashes, blood etc. and for the most part, you’ll find some good stuff. You should always use improved ingame effects as a base if you’re not confident enough for photoshop.

Post-processing is the least of your concerns. Nail posing first and you’ll eventually find that the two generally go hand in hand, in time.

All of them needs more “Wolverines!” but they all look pretty good.

This ain’t MW2, mate.

As you were saying?

Thanks for the crits. I’ll try to keep this in mind when I pose next time.

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I’ll keep this in mind too. Thanks.

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FYI “Wolverines” is actually from the 1984 movie “Red Dawn”.

Its pretty damn empty man, add more stuff to the scene then zoom in with the camera, it just makes it look nicer.