Red dead redemption models

I was wondering if someone could do some ragdolls from RDR (I heard it isn’t available for PC yet so I would need a really great modeller/ragdoller to do it from scratch. I know that is a very hard thing to do but I will only ask for models that are worth it and not too hard.)

John marston:http:

Kentucky saddler: I couldn’t find a picture but it’s a goldish cream coloured horse. (Preferably with a saddle.)

Irish: (Just for the people who haven’t played it and are thinking of doing this, irish is the person in the middle of the picture.)

Thanks if you consider doing this.

They can’t be ported but someone could make a custom model.

Contradiction alert: you ask for models that are “not too hard” and yet you suggest characters. Characters are the hardest models to make. If you want “not too hard” go here:

Heh heh, yeah I guess ragdoll of John Marston would be definetly “easier” to model than let’s say Volcanic gun. :smiley:

Which btw would be awesome.

Could port from Lead and Gold : Gangs of the Wild West.

I tried. Ripping doesn’t work and I don’t think there’s a way to extract the models or textures directly.

If you want a model made from scratch you’d probably have to pay. You’d be better off waiting for the PC release.

That’s kind of like waiting for the end of the world.

It might happen, but most probably wont.

Good idea, you could just get someone with clothes as closest as possible to the ones John wears (could even be a duster coat) then you could just do a face reskin. (Change hair including facial hair and add a few scars.) But as for Irish we could scrap him so it’s just a horse and a John marston ragdoll.

Better than waiting for a Borealis skybox model from EP3.