Red Dead Revolver?

Can someone rip red and/or Jack Swift from red dead revolver from either xbox or ps2? if possible?

model quality from in game pictures do not matter to me.





Don’t think XBO is possible, PS2 might be.

yeah i saw Dean had a Residental Evil Outbreak Zombie. I had red dead revolver for PS2 so if someone is willing to…

you can rip it by PCSX2(PS2 emulation)
i really like those models too,i will see if i can rip it

Wait till Read Dead Redemption is Released for PC. It’ll likely have the DLC Legends and Killers, which will have the models you seek in a revamped form.

Because GTAIV content was ported, undoubtedly Red Dead Redemption content will be ported.

I doubt that RDR will ever be released onto consoles. As its prequel was never released onto PC as well.

However, I want to belive.

you can rip it from pcsx2? cause when i tried to use 3dripper on it, i started the emulator and it said something was interfering it (3dripper of course) how do i fix this problem?

it wont be for pc. Rockstars moving on to console

GTA IV was initially a console exclusive because Microsoft made a deal with Rockstar, but GTA IV’s profit far exceeded the deal so R* decided to port it over to the PC the next year. RDR has made just as much profit, plus there’s a few hints here and there that they’re going to port it to PC eventually. I’m optimistic they’ll release it. If they do, you’ll have to wait.

great im excited to see if it will work.


The only thing wrong with L&K’s models is the facial rigging. What are you smoking?

Yeah, most likely it’ll be after RDR has been released for a year. Then they’ll announce a PC port is coming several months later.

hopefully its soon. then we’ll have everyone…well not EVERYONE