RED defending their base on 2fort

I’m not too happy with the emitter I used… But I have no skills with photoshop so I couldn’t edit a muzzleflash myself…

Again, the picutre is meant to be messy, it’s a frickin war!

I expect chestymcgee to tell me about the camera angle and lighting please =)

Very well done. The explosion on top of the building looks out of place though.

This is epic.

I like it :3

Thanks :3


I think the muzzleflashes are too realistic for TF2 but the lighting, posing and camera angle are all kickin’ rad. Great work.

I’m beginning to hate you, I’m supposed to be the major TF2 person 'round these parts.

But in all seriousness I love your poses :D.



But you should have used the other muzzleflash in that pack [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

That’s the one I Think is more TF2 like.

Hmm yeah I find it better too, what’s the name of it in the pack?
Also thanks ;D and I love posing tf2 stuff too ;D only you’re better at it cause you have more experience than I do =) and you’re smart enough to know how to use photoshop and the like xD


Okay thanks :smiley: Will see if I can find a different muzzleflash (as enhanced_ai shown me)

You could use the standard TF2 muzzleflash.

You mean the cartoony effect one? I like it but it didn’t really go well with the picture, beside I’m trying with the muzzle flash emitter (tho it’s hard to take the screenshot with host_timescale 0.05, make the rockets go, the explosion … explode at the right time and the emitter to emit the right muzzleflash :D)

@omolong-People bitch sometimes when you do (I’m looking at you hairybastard)

@Bagdad-I mean Bragdras (:bang:)-I think it’s the umm… Action flash.

Also HWM models :D.
Glad to see someone use 'em.

Also to the person below me look at the top of my post.

This is nice, although it could have been better with different muzzle flashes. There is a beta TF2 muzzleflash in the files somewhere.

Thanksa bunch Ehanced_AI :smiley:
Yeah, HWM models are awesome (tho the facepose is horribly long when you try to get the expression you’re seeking)

rieda1589, as I said moment ago, it didn’t fit with the picture so much (oddly enough) and I wanted to try the emitter


-Holy shit yeah the action muzzleflash is way better and is easier to get a picture of, thanks a lot ehanced :smiley:

Love the editing but is the heavy’s hands are clipping?

Editing is made ingame :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah there are slight cliping on the hands

Abosuletely awesome!

cool picture, I like the posing and finger posing except for this little error with the clipping fingers, but thats nothing

Where DID you get the HWM Models?
Amazing Picture.

The what models?