RED demoman blows up his own team. + RED engi attempts to repair his sapped sentry.

Great camera angles and depth-of-field in both pictures, not to mention the great concepts, posing and prop-placement.


Fffffff- floating shells.

Guess I’m not the Tf2 guy anymore.

Excellent poses jim.

That’s a lot o blood on the soldier.

your comment reminds me of this

The second pic is really good.

Engie:Don’t worry baby… You can still make it, you can still pull through!

i love how the soldier tries to walk straight. Sure he’s gonna fall

Excellent pictures.

Are they edited? Looks so clean and HD. D:

The posing of the soldier in the first one is incredibly well done.

wow… those look absolutely amazing, i love the soldier’s feet

should have had a dead ringer in the spy’s hand :B

first pic: thus why they took friendly fire from the game in the first place.

2nd pic: {grumbles} I hate spies…(edit) shouldn’t the spy’s body have multiple buckshot holes in him?