Red dot

if you didnt get it, the red dot is the blood on his helmet.

anyway i couldnt fit a title on this.


Looks more like a drawing. Amazing picture.

Looks awesome. Really cool editing style although I think the reason it “looks more like a drawing” is because it’s rather blurry.

the blur and lighting are lovely

Just as a sidenote : his PSD is a huge mess… but god damnit, when you uncheck the background, it looks like a actually redrawn everything!
This is a huge and fucking amazing job here, though you fail at making good threads’ titles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, even the original is great lol nice job.

Damn it looks so artistic, but why don’t you post stuff like that on DA ?

what do you mean? you want me to post it on da? or make drawings that are coloured the same way?

Post all your edited pictures on da, they deserve publicity.

lol DA doesn’t get publicity. Certain people get some followers on there, Urbanator has, but the people tend to be Gmod users and the community for that there is no more serious than it is here.

Basically he has a lot of followers that follow his artwork. That’s why most of them don’t have a clue what is Gmod.

You know, i used to. But no one was interested by these gmod pictures, since there is no gmod communitys on DA. So i only post on facepunch and others forums.

There’s one “For the Gmoders”

I like the painting style. Anyone mind teaching me how to do that? :buddy:


Make your original picture really out of focus.


use superdof, and some patterns.

like this one:

add dust, volumetric effects, and here you go.