red error signs

i got gmod a while ago and downloaded a npc pack wich contained all kinds of stuff but now it also includes a fast zombie torso now if i place this there is just a word ERROR written in red, i do hear it making noise and stuff. also i downloaded a couple of Tower of terror and the office or something like that even more maps, and when i start it it shows ERROR signs evrywhere and the walls are purple whit black… help would be appriciated.

sorry for my bad english.

That means that models aren’y working, or either you don’t have the right models

oh ok same goes for the maps?

what do you mean by the maps? maps (.bsp files) go in your maps fodler and then work, they either work or don’t work, they don’t turn into error sings.

yea sorry i should have been clearer, i meant whit the purple/black walls and the error signs evrywhere.

that’;s because you dont have the textures, i bet they are CSS textures, and you don’t have CSS.

acctually i do :stuck_out_tongue: but he does not find the npc’s from it nor the stuff.

he means it could be css, tf2, hlep1, hlep2 textures, or portal, you might not have all of them

i do have half life ep 2-1 and tf so portal is the problem :stuck_out_tongue: thx alot guys

It maybe isn’t the problem. Some maps needs some custom textures. What map are you triying to play?

a map called Tower of Terror and the office something like that… i saw some clips on youtube about gmans first day at work and it lolled me so i wanted that map :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh i doubt it’s portal, not many maps use things from portal due to portals… unique art style.


need a link.

tower of terror: the office:

type buildcubemaps in the console, you might be getting the black and purple texture because of that, other than that, i don’t know, sorry :smiley:

ok i’ll try

That overwrites the bsp. Don’t do that. Ever. Unless of course, it is your own map.

just do it, and if it doesn’t work, export the bsp again.

huh? bsp file from the map or just garry’s mod (sorry i’m quite new to this stuff)

the thing you get in the zip from, that says Tower.bsp

ah ok the map itself, i’ll try now.


it dident work, i saw it loading stuff but then when it re-loaded it still was purple whit error signs evrywhere. thanks anyway!