Red Faction 2 Player Model

Namely Alias. Alias is the main char in Red Faction 2 and the ultimate warrior. forget Alec Mason, Subject 1093, codename Alias is a super soldier. He, as a human, infiltrated a top secret facility on Mars and brought back the NanoCell, the original one that inspired the Marauders nano forge. he was then “processed” and became a super soldier.

What I want is an Alias Player Model (and probably a ragdoll).

What it needs is to look like these photos:


If you take this on, feel free to update the textures. The colours are matt as its armour. the gloves are canvas i think, the armour some from of super plastic or something, but that is up to you.

Now I dont know how easy it is to add animations to a ragdol/player model, and I dont know if Alias ever does it, but the other nano soldiers sometimes have glowing eyes and glowing circuitry on their skin. below is a picture of Molov in this state. If Alias could have a 20 second wait, then a 3 second flair, then back to the wait animation of this, that would be cool too.


Thanks for listening