Red Faction 2 Rail Gun

Unlike the RF:G Rail Rifle, this beast is military built and owned with nanite tech built in.

As an overview in words, I would like a pulsating model (as close as posible to that one in the vid) with:

Primary fire is fire for the weapon (one shot kill for most enemies, can go through walls and props with minimal damage to props)
Secondary fire is thermal Heart Beat Monitor (The blue scope effect with lighter blue almost white people like a thermal scope, all with white rings of the heart beat monitor. The figure outline should be obscured by walls/props etc but the HBM should still be visible)
Reload is reload.
Shots create the heat effect round the barrel, slow rate of fire, small mag.
Use HEV arms to hold it. Not Alias model.

Here is some more info in url form:

That should be about it.

Thanks for any help

Is this a release?

No, its a request. Sorry if that wasnt clear but i did put it in the request section.