Red Faction: Armageddon models

I’ve tried every ripped program I know of to get Darius Mason’s model from this game. The only program I’ve had any luck with is Game Assassin. I was able to get textures, but the obj files don’t seem to cooperate. I know GA objs aren’t standard obj format, but they seem to be crashing GA’s 3d viewer and I can’t import them to Max.

If anyone who is good with Game Assassin would like to give this a shot, here is a full Game Assassin rip:

You’ll find all the main character’s textures in there. I can only assume the models are in there too. Hopefully someone can convert the models successfully and we can all benefit. Or, perhaps someone would like to try their luck with another program.


Thanks Sims but I’ve already searched Xentax for help with the files. I can unpack the archives, but I end up with files of unusable formats.