Red Faction Guerrilla ports

Hey,Ive been wondering,would anyone be able to port some stuff from Red Faction Guerrilla to GMod?Like the main charcters,some vehicles,the EDF and soe weapons,such as the hemmer.Mainly,it would be kewl to have Alec Mason and the weapons,but some other stuff would be freakin awesome as well.

For the refference check here:

It should contain images of most of the stuff in the game.

Hope someonecan pull this one off :smiley:

And also,I would LOVE an Alec Mason model with Male_09 head hack :3 its for a personal skin :wink:

now seriously what the fuck i made this exact thread yesterday

Have you? where,I havent seen any :S


Bump. :C

Can someone port a vehicals from this game, please?