red high heel

can someone make this please

so, i just did a search for this but i can only find extended heels not the normal high heel. good luck with your request!

If I remember correctly, there should be something in Vindictus that’s similar or exactly like that for the female characters.

You need a prop?

I sense a foot fetish.

I like feet so much that I want shoes to cover them up with!

yes i want them as prop

Because maybe he wants to show them on the ground while posing his favorite characters showing their feet to show they took it off for him.

I think you’re over-thinking this a little bit. I don’t know why, but we always tend to make horrible assumptions when people make requests. Unless they’re blatantly asking for nude models, it doesn’t have to have a horribly negative reason.

i actually saw a tutorial on youtube for a high-heel and the reference picture was red. wasn’t very long ago either.

thats blender and i don’t even think would he/she know what modeling is… let alone how to do it.