Red Octobah Shtandin By

Bashed on the intrho schene of that one shplendid movie.

Ridichuloush original here:

Tha shading ish weird, ishn’t it?

Holy shit this is awesome. Texturing on the vest could be nice but it’s a bit too 2d.

Jacket. And his beard/mustache colors are funny.


And that guys torso.

Masterfully edited. Wow…

How did you make make the snow? Did you follow any tutorials?

Just the basic Make A New Layer And Motion Blur The Shit On It-thing with multiple layers.

Also, sorry for being lazy on the texturing.

A picture can’t get much more badass with Sean Connery

It’s shurprishing how much it looksh like him.

This edit is shplendid. You did it again :v:

The texture on his jacket is very 2d. Doesn’t flow with the curves or even follow the direction of the sleeves/collar.

Looks pretty much like sean connery though. Good stuff on that part.

“Back in my home town of Vil-nee-oosh”

Apparently Lithuania is actually a Shcottish colony.

Hilarioush work, Joazzzh. Impresshive edit on Connery.

Texturin’ could be a bit better though.

For a second, I didn’t realize that was Breen

Ecshellent work.

He glued that mustache onto himself XD

Nice job brochacho.


The book was better. But very well done!

Truly shplendid, but his jacket looks weird.

A good movie. So is the picture. Yet another good one from Joazzz.