RED or BLU...


Does anyone know how to add a sort of…brown-ish background on GIMP? I want to try to make this look more like a WW2 poster


How who dumbs this; Demo-Haters

Erm… Get the fill tool, set the tolerance right up, but the opacity down and fill it brown… How’s that?

I did that but the background looks like poo. I’ll probably add white but I’m still trying to look for the TF2 font

Use sepia tone.

Could you try guiding me towards that??


Well, now I added borders to make it look like a poster and stuck some cheap filters on it.

Tf2 font is in the Tf2 main folder if I’m right, then simply copy all 3 to your windows/fonts folder and they should be ready for use.

For the background you could try downloading a picture of old paper texture
Example: (Big!)

Then make the Tf2 stuff layer black and white and create an additional colour layer to colour it brown using overlays. (Or simply in one move with black and white filter, allthough I’m not sure if that’s possible in GIMP/what you use to edit)


Well…I already submitted my frame version. I have another poster in the works so yah, I’ll see to it that that gets into use.

This is rather good. Good luck with competition.