Red Orchestra 2 Rips

****Format : PSK / PSKX / PSA
Bones: Yes ****


Face Posing Head Pic: (Rushed Had to go to friends house.)



Weps Pic1:

Weps Pic2:

Weps Pic3


**You Want Something? Then Ask! (Currently Working on the Vehicles. being a bitch to rip right now…)

Also would Someone mind putting out some Pictures?**

Fact: I’ll be extracting there animations last. theres soooo many animations.

ReadMe:I’ve putten a 3DS MAX PSK PSA .etc. I Assume you know how to use scripts on 3DS MAX. Right? ActerXImport works with 2014 (Currently one im using)


All Hands (Both Sov & Ger)

All the German Weps!

All soviet Weapons

German Characters

Soviet Characters

All Gore A Civilian And Some badges


All Tanks / Airplane / First Person Interior for Tanks

Abuncha Props

I’ll Continue Ripping Tonight!

Added All Tanks / Airplane / First Person Interior for Tanks

Allright, I’ve gotten all Character models, only thing is, I cant find the player animations ( I did find it, its just a cover nothing else) but extracting the sounds right now. Scratch the sounds, cant get em…

Completed Pack (Except for animations and some props)

Your building pack appears to be empty. Any chance that you can get the .upk files for UDK? I would like some of the content from the game but my computer isnt able to run the SDK for the game.

thinking horribly right now (Forgot what UDK Stands for ( O O ) )… ah yes Sure! (Im dealing with the buildings right now…)

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Its uploading right now, I’ll have fix link in a bit

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Buildings Fixed!

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remember… you don’t need SDK I don’t think, it comes with the red orchestra 2 …

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well, im off to bed. i’ll do all the animations when I get up.

Well Red Orchestra comes with an SDK, but you seem to need a super computer (at least compared to what I have) to be able to run the thing. My computer isnt good enough to even launch the SDK, so I cant use any of the content.

Oh wow, tank interiors would be fucking awesome.

I’ve already ported some tanks interior in my Red Orchestra 2 thread…

Oh really? Shit never saw em.

Finally im back. I’ve ripped everything but the animations… finding the animations. I’ve bin ripping the weapon animations. but its taking a long time (So many Animations) cant find the characters animations.

I’ve gotten more props down (Like Sandbag Building Parts like from Spartanovka And Red Barracks.)

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Found a way to get the faceposable heads working on any body!

**Allright, Follow these EXACT Steps…

Step 1: Grab a Face posing Head. (Should Have CHR_ At the First Part)

Step 2: Edit Use the modifier Tab Called “Editable Mesh” And Remove the hands from Mesh And Bones (EXCEPT FOR THE HEAD AND HEAD-BONES)

Step 3: Import Body and re-Put everything back in order.

Step 4: DONE! (I might put down a tut for it in video)**

I can run about idk 2 or 3 Battlefield 3 at same time (Medium Low Ultra Settings) on 3 / 2 of them. But, my computer suffers from EXTREME Overheat. (I can still play sometimes.) but it sucks.

If you’re overheating, look up the info for your video card - chances are that your power supply doesn’t have a high enough wattage output to handle it, which will cause it to overheat and force the system to shutdown to prevent damaging the system. You may also want to consider purchasing some fans that you can mount onto the case to provide better ventilation for the computer.

Or, if you’re a cheap bastard (like me) and don’t have the money/don’t want to spend the money on getting a better power supply and case fans, you can also try opening the case and aiming a fan at the inside of the tower while it’s on. It’s not exactly the best option, but it’ll work for the most part.

I’ve done that, it helped, but its humid over where I live (Hot) so yea. my dad just formatted the computer. Hopefully itll fix it.