Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm Vehicles

At the moment all I got is the T34, but I’ll be editing this post as I get more.[/t][t][/t]

Tankers not included.

Vehicles aren’t usually my expertise, so the physics may be a bit wonky.


Direct Download + Source Files

Wooo, awesome!

Workshop link is now up! Big thanks to bloocobalt.


Very good model, and that the map?))

Nice work! Looking forward to more.

Excelent Tanksssssssssssssss

Some American tanks would be fucking slick, but amazing work regardless!

Unfortunately the American/Japanese tanks are less detailed since they’re just static props as opposed to actual vehicles. I’ll still get them though, eventually.

Also, fun fact, the Japanese tank has an interior, but no texture for it.

I suppose you plan to do the SdKfz-251?