Red Orchestra 2 Russians and Germans

Better late then never. Finally releasing the RO2 guys. Figured it was appropriate considering it was just given out for free. Includes 11 bodygroups for body gear and up to 6 for headgear. Heads from MW2/3/Ghosts with skingroup options, all with the original rig on RO2 bones. Credits to Infinity Ward and Ninja_Nub for the heads, MaxofS2D for the hands and Tripwire Interactive for just about everything else.

**Update - **Added winter, tanker, hero and dirty variants of all models as well as headgear props.

**Download: **

**Workshop: **

IK Rig Script for SFM:

Pic by ArmerdMuffin
Weapons and vehicles here (By Beat the Zombie)

awww ye

Does it include the gore dudes?

Oh, that’s awesome. We’ll never have enough good models from WWII. :v:

Oh my god, you’re a god.

What vehicles is it in the svn link?

T34-76 with ragdolled version and Panzer IV Ausf G with interior

Ah, ok. How to download svn files?

Theo you need TortoiseSVN, Google it.

Also, awesome release Half-Dead!

Nice release, man. Can’t wait to try them out.

Ok, I have Tortoise SVN now. What do I do now?

Hurrah, it happened!

You just click the SVN link then you should be able to download the archive, then the archive will be downloaded as an addon that will automatically update itself (as long as you keep TortoiseSVN installed that is).

Will snow model?

Thanks! Although I already had that pack with BeatTheZombies germans and russians.

no he will not snow model

It’s a shame about the lack of greatcoats. Great work regardless though.

More coming soon.

Are greatcoats going to be included with this?

Also, here’s an SFM Rig script for these.

Yes they will, also I added a link to your script in the OP