Red Orchestra/Darkest Hour M36 Jackson

I put the RO in the title to get people’s attention, mostly, seeing as a lot of people don’t know about DH (which is an RO mod).

Anyway, Darkest Hour recently had an update in which the M36 jacskon, my favorite tank, was added to the game.

I was hoping someone could port it over and give it basic ragdolling (turnable turret/adjustable barrel etc).

I know it’s possible to do it from that engine, seeing as the killing floor models were ported.

This is a lot simpler than character models, seeing as it’ll be MUCH less complicated.

If anyone could do that for me, I would be eternally grateful - I’ve been wanting an M36 to use for years.

You should probably ask permission from the developers of Darkest Hour.
There’s been lately lots of shit storms with mod developers and porting.

Oh boo hoo, how dare someone take a single model for use in gmod.

I mean, as long as they don’t claim it as their own, what’s the big deal?

I just want a jackson. :v:

Someone uses something that I made without my permission, I wouldn’t like it either.

ah but you see its a more like, I spent 4 days making the model and texturing it fixing tweaks and that guy just took it out of nowhere without asking! D:<

Multi-month bump just to see if this will ever happen.

Doubt it.