Red Orchestra Redux Germans

After completing the Soviets i figured it wouldn’t be right to leave on the Germans so here they are!

I was no longer satisfied with the RO2 dudes I released before so I decided to remake them.

Includes lots of bodygroups, skingroups, playermodels, bonus props and other shit you should expect these days all on valvebiped while retaining the original rigs! (that was tricky)


**Direct Download: ** (Works with SFM)

**Steam Workshop: **

**RO2 Redux - Soviets: **

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and my old RO2 Pack
My old RO2 pack

awesome half-dead!
these will be sooo usefull, once gmod actually lets me run it, instead of just freezing on the main menu


Woohoo, gonna have some fun with them.

Can you fix MG42?

fucking legend

Awesome dude

These are great.

Oh hell fucking yeah.

I noticed this:

The G41 magwell bullets.