Red Orchestra Redux Soviets

After having a real life for the last year and three months I decided to get in touch with my roots.

I was no longer satisfied with the RO2 dudes I released before so I decided this is the perfect thing to get back in the game.

Includes lots of bodygroups, skingroups, playermodels, bonus props and other shit you should expect these days all on valvebiped while retaining the original rigs! (that was tricky)


**Direct Download: ** (Works with SFM)

**Steam Workshop: **

**RO2 Redux - Germans: **

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sek c soviets

Pretty cool, gonna make a scene with them later.

aw, you didn’t keep the mgsv heads around?
if anything they fit pretty well i’d say

Yeah, I decided to go with the arma ones. The MGS ones tended to look too similar with each other. I could’ve done both but meh.

Wow, good)

Nice to see you back

For a come-back mate, you don’t mess around! Nice work.

You’re a hero, really.

Yeah, the old heads were just gross and the MGS ones had stupidly huge lips. These ones are MUCH better. Very nice!

Also, nice touch with the tunic/telogreika combo.

good to see you back. great job!

Finally russian tank crew from RO2. Good stuff Half-D! :slight_smile:

Pretty good!

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are those models including NPC animations too?

Yeah, player and NPC animations


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I think the link is down, either that or I’m at a bad location.

Fuck yeah, these will come in handy!

Great job. The more RO2 dudes the merrier, your first pack was great.