Red Orchestra + Rising Storm Megapack

I wouldn’t have made a new thread but I think It’s enough content to be worth it and i wouldn’t want it getting missed. Please forgive me!

Anyways, Here’s a shit load of WWII stuff from RO2, RS and RO2 Immersion mod. 1uping my previous biggest model pack with this one. Comes with Soviets, Germans, Americans, and Japanese with enough variations for any situation. Bodygroups, skingroups, and faceposing up the wazoo. Might do weapons, haven’t decided yet but i won’t complain if someone else does wink wink. Credits to Ninja_Nub and IW for the heads.

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**Hot Fix (Only for people who downloaded before the fix): **

Not everything is pictured but i think you get the idea.

Holy shit

Just a quick question, I might do the weapons (wtf I put questions) but do they need to be scaled at all or?

O_O I love you…

Missing texture on the japs faces

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i had too scale mine down, so yes, some slight scaling is needed

Wooo! More RO2 stuff!

US Army HBT uniforms!!! <333

Added a fix for the jap faces because I’m stupid


Holy shit. Finally some good Japanese models.
Thank you!

Awesome work!

Holy fuck. This is just great, super great work!

Just one question, didnt Ninja Nub and FloaterTwo work on the Americans and Japanese?

Well, this day keeps getting better and better.
I hope someone does the weapons.

YES! This is what I’m talkin’ about. Awesome release.

Can i call this “Ultimate WW2 Pack” even we don’t have brits and italians, for example? :v:
Awesome work.

Eww eww eww. You actually used that shitty Cpl. Dunn head for everyone including the Japs? Why? Why in god’s name would you think that’s a good idea?

I think the Arma 3 heads would have been a better choice honestly, more variety.

Great job nonetheless.

Sweet lord, you have been working overtime mate!

Impressive work here man!

I don’t get it. Why do people never keep the original heads when porting stuff? lonefirewarrior is right, that random american face doesn’t fit the Japanese at all.

oh god I just noticed that