Red scout on his last walk of the day

And again boring shit from The Combine.
Tried to shade it as good as possible. C&C would be much apreciated people. Thanks in advance.

hmmm the shading is NOT very conviencing(from the sun side i mean you would say it’s a strong light instead of the sun).It’s not boring it’s badass

Alright thanks


Pretty good. In my personal opinion it looks like the left elbow is just a taaad to far in, but that’s about it.

shading is pretty random and uneven
I don’t like the posing too

The contrast is too heavy. Some of the shading is good, but other parts make the red in the skin come out way too strong. If shading bright areas with burn, the burning brings out the colour really strongly. To avoid this you can apply some black with a low-opacity paintbrush first.