Red skin for solitary TF2 payload bomb

Hey all. Can anyone help with the problem I am having? I’m making a big TF2 fix/model edit back for GMod (link: but am having problems. I need a Red skin for the solitary Payload Bomb so I can finish the pack. Every time I have tried has been unsuccessful, so I need someone more experienced in skin making to do this for me. Thanks in advance.

Basically, I need a Red skin for the bomb in this picture:

I though there was a red skin already? Like using the skinswitcher

There’s already one. As of the payload race update.

There is a Red skin for the whole cart, but when applied to the bomb, it has black marks where the rest of the cart should be/would cast shadows on.

I want a red skin for this part of the cart:

Can anyone do this then? I really want to release this pack.