Red Spartans fighting Blue Spartans

What should I improve on posing/editing wise?

lol they look like those plastic action figures


which makes it super cool

The rain is has no depth of field, it looks too 2D. I don’t see any finger posing and it’s generic. Also these models are terrible.

Work on the rain a bit but the posing from what I can see is okay.

Terrible? that looks awesome!

man youve changed your such a hater cmon…

Wait what ? No i am not i am saying the things that came to my mind when i saw the pic.

The rain does look quite flat but the models I believe are in the upper portion of those available.

Even though the models are awful, and they lack fingerposing, I can’t help but feel that this is awesome.

tight tight, but the Desert Eagle is a bit out of… century?

Well in my opinion they are very plain, as i see very complicated models in this sub-forum.

youre just a downer about everything

keep that up and NOBODY is going to like you

That means that my opinion does not exist ? What kind of fascist new law is this ? And no i am not a downer.

the DoF looks nice, cool picture

someone speaks truth

I like the brightness of the models and the cartoony rain. The whole thing seems almost playful.

send me the original …i want to edit it


Not alot of people do.

They do look like the action figures.

That’d be cool, a HALO Action Figure game, instead of being LEGO or Mega Blocks or whatever.

Rated Arty.

Oh dude they do look like action figures

that’s awesome