RED Strike Team

I like how this turned out, especially the scout pose.

i like the picture alot, but whats the heavy doing?

I dont think the Sniper would be usefull in this situation.

Look at the weapons he’s holding. About the screenshot, Very nice posing, I like the idea, and the shading is just fuckin sexy.

Heavy is going “NYET!” at medic.

That Heavy is a spy!

great posing

Posing <3

Pyro and sniper going to give it to them, with nittri’s weapons. :v

Great posing and angle, but something about the Pyros leg is a bit weird for some reason.

Other than that, I’d suggest moving the heavy. Not exactly clear what he’s doing.

It would be nice to have that kind of shading. Care to link it?

Who-ho! Where did that rifle model come from?

great and interesting posing. could you please post the original picture?

Snipers gun is sexy. I love how the medic is yelling at the heavy in the background :v:

“Standing near the point does nothing, stand on the point dumkoff!”


Love that carbine.

I knew you’d use your new flare gun replacement in an image!

Hell, i’m using it in tf2. It’s fantastic, and so is the picture

Brilliant job, moight.

I noticed something. It’s the control point. It’s cut in half. It makes it look like half the picture is pasted on top of another picture. But I still like this.

this man has no depth perception