"Red team has entered the base!" Red team entering the base



Looks very empty.

You know, those muzzle and blood effects are a bit realistic for a TF2-themed screenshot, don’t you think?

Also, that’s some really bad faceposing on the scout.

those effects dont fit with the art style at all
and the posing on everyone looks incredibly lifeless, what happened to you

bad muzzleflashes and blood

I kinda feel you have gotten a bit lazy with the posing latley, you need to go back to when you made shizzel hit the whizzel.

Sniper is holding his rifle real awkwardly, he doesn’t seem to be aiming down the scope or have the stock against his shoulder

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Also engie looks like he was standing still as he got shot, judging by what’s going on he should’ve been running somewhere

I never would’ve guessed what it was from the title alone.

scout’s expression

not very fitting

Sniper dosn’t aim at the engineer at all, unless the recoil ACTULLY goes down

The posing looks a bit stiff on the Spy, and its a bit empty, but it’s good.