RED team having lunch

Ah this is why I like RED team more then BLU. Also no class is actually missing from the picture, and there are 3 characters too many on this pic. Try and find them all :smiley:

Edit turned AA to max and got another medic to fix medic’s arm.

I see a blue Spy, ze scout’s mother and… Barney?
Very good pose, (Edited out this part as you fixed the medic’s arm :smiley: )

Needs more AA.

This make me hungry!

Posing looks a bit wonky on the arms(of all), the rest of the posing and prop placing is nice.

Should make you thirsty as well. And may be horny :stuck_out_tongue:
Thnx :smiley:

I see:
Blue spy
Blue woman (scout mom or something)

Nothing else.

Blue spy, behind fence,S.A.S behind fence, and scout’s mom!!, what do I win?

If it is a S.A.S. and it’s too black, means that S.A.S. is a fatass !

:smiley: Congrats You now may join RED team for lunch.

Yay, but I don’t have a skin : O

:< Don’t worry dude, I don’t have one either. I wanna request one later. U with meh :3?


I’m afraid people might turn you down. And it’s so much fun making your skin by yourself. I shouldn’t talk though, I’ve not made a skin myself. I haven’t requested one though.

As for the pic, it’s more-than-decent, but it could be a lot better. Try to improve your posing.


If all else fails, I could make a skin for you. If I learn how to hex and edit it in vtfedit. I just don’t seem to hassle with that.

I’m a bit of a lazy person and I can’t keep my attention much, so while the fun lasts I’m kewl, but if something complecated or difficult comes up, I loose interest, so It’s a bit of a trouble for myself to do skinning. But thanks dude :D, I’ll keep your offer in mind.