Red team in a swimming pool

Great posing and concept man, shame no-one is commenting D:

Aw… Poor Pyro…
Great posing and lighting looks good.

Pyro would rather swim in lava

I like this. Good, very good.


Though, the Heavy could have been positioned a lot nearer the pool as he looks like he’s sitting on that table.

Shoulda used the nude models and given it a bit of editing.

Actually that’s what made me laugh =).
This is hilarious, lol. +1.

I doubt that…

Editing is pretty good already.

laughed so hard when i saw the heavys face XD

Little babies don’t know how to cannonball.

Haha…the Heavy doing a bomb…

Hehe nice one.

Tbh you should have used the nude models, but edited on swim shorts or something.

Im just sayin’, cause they’re going swimming.

Not sayin its bad though, its good, especially the posing.

like this or something better then this

Hopefully something better then this.